Our PROPERTY CARE service line handles landscaping, a fresh coat of paint, indoor/outdoor cleaning, pool cleaning, patch work, plumbing etc. We’ll take the project management and vendor sourcing off your hands so you can focus on the client and marketing your listing.

We understand that as a realtor, your time is valuable. Hosting a successful OPEN HOUSE requires planning and execution among the other time sensitive items on your plate.  

An open house should smell fresh, look polished, and leave an impression on the buyer. Our preparation team will oversee all the logistics to ensure just that! We offer home cleaning, fresh flowers, light bites and drinks, printed marketing materials and of course, post-open house clean up. At Stilo, we work to make your open house an experience!

In town for small stretches of time during the year, but still in need of an elegant and personalized place to call home? SHORT TERM RENTALS with Stilo is your solution! Our interior design and installation team will have you settled in before you know it. We will provide you with a fully designed look for your home that includes everything from furniture down to the pillow shams.