10 Reasons Why Your Next Project Will Be Better With Stilo

1.   You’re going to save money – Have you ever bought a piece of furniture that looked amazing in the store, but then realized it was a too big once you got it into your space? Ever painted three or four times trying to find the right color? Hiring a designer can help you avoid those costly mistakes and guide you in decisions that give you results you want. If you’re on a tight budget, that’s totally okay! We know how to get the best value out of what you can spend. We are accustomed to working on a line item budget and will help you save and splurge in the right places.  


2.   It’s all about you! -  We cringe when we hear about the stereotypical “Diva” designers out there who want to design for themselves while ignoring functionality and the needs/wants of the client. That is a big NO GO for us. You are at the forefront of every decision we make for your project; it is a collaboration. Our approach to design is comprehensive and multifaceted. We want to know about you, what you do, how you work, your lifestyle, what your likes and dislikes are, what your brand is about, what your goals are , what you want to experience when you walk into your space, what you want your guests to experience when they visit, what the function of the space is, what your budget is – (You get the gist, we can go on all day)


3.   Access to exclusive brands - Life is too short to be basic and if you are going through the process of hiring an interior designer, you can expect access to the unknown (dun-dun). We have access to furniture companies that do not sell to the public. This opens a new world of exclusive and unique pieces. Did we mention that you get it for below retail price? With our resources we can create a space for you that looks collected and feels special (instead of the big box retailer stuff).


4.   One stop shop – Managing all the components of a design and/or renovation can be very stressful in addition to your daily responsibilities. At Stilo, we handle everything from beginning to end. We create and develop your design concept, source products that are in line with the design concept, handle purchasing/manage deliveries and oversee every installation done by our trusted crew of professionals.


5.  Space planning geniuses - We understand the art and science behind a proper space plan. You need adequate clearances to meet code along with circulation space to make you feel comfortable and unrestricted. We also have the ability to use creative techniques to maximize your existing space. Whether you need to fit 20 people in an office space that once only held 15 employees or maybe you need to make your tiny boutique hotel lobby feel grand and luxurious, we have you covered.


6.  It’s all about the feels – Interior spaces have the power to make you feel and act a certain way. Think about how different you feel and act in a library versus your favorite restaurant. Someone intentionally made design decisions to influence the way you behave in these settings. It’s our job to achieve the feeling/function you want/need. We do that by selecting textures, finishes, lighting, textiles, and furniture that are in line with the use of the space. We have a vast knowledge of different design genres and stylistic elements which enable us to achieve the feeling you wish to feel. Design is all about the feeling it gives you when you walk into a room but it is our job to select specific pieces to make your ideas of a feeling a reality. If you want it to feel like you walked into a room where 50 shades of grey met Eat Pray Love – How do you envision a sofa that gives you that feeling and where do you even buy it? Challenging right? That’s why you have us.

7.   We know our stuff- Our team has experience in workspace, hospitality, and residential design. We live in a tactile and visual world where ideas sell more effectively by seeing a finished product with your own eyes.  We bring your projects to life with architectural programs such as Revit, Auto Cad, V-Ray, Photoshop, and SketchUp to provide you with high quality renderings/construction documents. This ensures you’ll never have to worry about the end result. You can ask for test renders for your final product and even request changes if it does not suit your vision.


8.   We teach you what NOT to do - Not only will we help you decide on what to buy we will also tell you what not to buy – As designers, it is our responsibility incorporate elements of design, varied styles and use your influences to create a collected look that reflects your brand/culture.  Ideally, you want a space to “coordinate” but not “match.” Interiors that coordinate have varied textures, prints, materials, and tones that work together and communicate balance and cohesion. Design is a process that continuously evolves into a finished product opposed to buying everything on the showroom floor in a day.  


9.    Super Powers - Yes, that’s right! Designers have this super power where magical ideas pop into their minds when collaborating with clients on how to bring their interior to the next level. You may not realize it, but branding and interior design go hand in hand.  In order to create a clear and memorable impression, you need a unique identity and what better way to show that than through design for all eyes to see.  How do you want the world to perceive your company and what elements do you want to incorporate in the design that follow that ideal? In addition to selecting furniture, finishes, wall coverings, lighting (everything you typically think of when you think of interior design) we also go a step further and help you select the right marketing tools, for example, client interactive experiences, music, signage, and smell  to follow your brand identity. This is what sets you apart from everyone else and ultimately makes your company thrive.

10.    Let’s have fun - All biases aside we are pretty darn fun to work with! We truly love what we do and we like to think you can witness that in our work. The most important thing for us is that we provide a design that you love, of the best quality, realistic for your lifestyle and budget while creating an atmosphere in which you thrive. Let’s bring your vision to life, together!


***Perk Alert! *** - Your designers come with coffee (mic drop).

We wouldn’t be authentic Miamians if Cuban coffee didn’t play a large role in our overhead expenses. Our clients are typically just as busy as we are so coladas are must, always.