Hand-Made Mother's Day Shop Guide



So, with Mother's Day coming up on May 13, I've rounded up 10 creative presents for the special mama in your life. Whether you're married to one, the father of one, the daughter of one, the sister or brother of one—you get the idea—buy that talented human being something nice. After all, the mom in your life loves design and is amazing in every way.

Kaya spend months growing the best herbs, the very same ones to design and produce products at Kaya Soaps. They use ingredients found far away from cosmetic laboratories helping you scrub, soak and moisturize your body. Their mission follows a zero waste philosophy to craft their skincare products while preserving the traditional methods. Kaya is committed to good quality, small batches of goods and their hands-on approach most effectively ensures the integrity of the product. Shop now.

Inspired by Origami, Geometry, and modern art, founders of Armadillo started the design process of their ceramic products with folded paper mock-ups, turned them into computer models, fine-tuned the designs on the computer, 3-D printed their final designs, and then turned them into plaster molds. All of our products are handmade in Israel, in small workshops, run by highly skilled artists. Shop Now.

Founder of Hearth and Harrow and her husband had spent many years gardening, farming, making art, and striving to make our lives richer through connecting family, home, nature, and art. For them, Hearth and Harrow brings forth that merger between art, home, and nature through creating honest, handmade pieces that they would enjoy displaying or using in their own home. Each Hearth and Harrow piece begins as an observational drawing of objects from their natural environment, such as a bird's nest found in the barn or a lavender plant growing in our backyard. The drawing is then either burned into a silkscreen or hand-carved into a linoleum block. Their textiles and paper goods are then hand-printed in small batches using eco-friendly processes. Maintaining a natural home is a top priority  and they carry on that value to the work they create. They only use solvent-free, non-toxic inks and eco-friendly packaging. We hope you enjoy their beautiful pieces as much as we do! Shop Now.

Founder of Light a Fire has spent nearly his entire life working in clay. He works by hand with ceramic materials such as stoneware and porcelain to make a large variety of one of a kind utilitarian wares, as well home lighting elements and sculptures with a wide range of prices for everyone's budget. His finished pottery and artworks are hand finished with in-house formulated glazes and fired to around 2200 degrees Fahrenheit; making the functional pieces dishwasher and microwave safe and the sculptures durable and long lasting. Shop Now.

Spicer Bags is operated by mother-daughter team Bonnie Gemmell and Sarah Gemmell. With marketing backgrounds but absolutely no manufacturing experience, they took a leap of faith and purchased Spicer Bags from Sally Spicer Rankine (the founder) in March of 2013. Sally was battling cancer and was going to close down the much-loved 13-year old business unless she found someone willing to carry on the legacy. Well, she found two people! Today, Bonnie and Sarah are having a blast designing new bag shapes, picking out fabric, attending local artisan events and running a manufacturing studio (who would have ever thought!) They are 100% committed to manufacturing in America, and look forward to expanding the reach of Spicer Bags in the coming years. Shop Now.

Michelle, (Founder of Silver Wren) spent her summers growing up in Santa Fe, New Mexico walking through the Spanish Markets. She was always enamored of the beautiful jewels spread across the rugs. Michelle knew at a young age that handcrafted jewelry made her smile. Contemporary designs, beautiful turquoise and lavish layers make her work unique. The Silver Wren started in 2008 as a hobby and has since grown into a team of AMAZING women. Shop Now.

Half Pint Ink Studio is a great place where you will can find hand made quality gifts and keepsakes. This woman owned and operated business is a custom letterpress and woodworking studio located in Lewes, Delaware specializing in all things letterpress and custom hand routed growth charts. They were selected by Martha Stewart and her panel of judges as a finalist in the 2014 & 2015 Martha Stewart american made awards! Martha Stewart's American made is a nationally recognized awards program that celebrates new rising stars of the growing nationwide maker community who have turned their passions for handcrafted, well-­-designed goods into small businesses and proudly make their products in America. Shop Now.

Celina Mancurti is an Argentine textile designer living in U.S.A. Her roots, culture, and background from  Buenos Aires are the imprint of her designs, style, and life. How she works and what she does is simply an extension of who she is. After working in the textile industry for more than 10 years she decided to start her own company and explore outside of the industry standards. Her pieces exhibit timeless craftsmanship and the art of creating beautiful and simple things for everyday life. Shop Now.

The Bauer Pottery Company has been a trusted brand since 1878. They make all of their products by hand using a traditional cast and kiln method. Their pottery is made from earthenware sourced right here in California. Using existing vintage pieces to derive new molds, the company now manufactures replicas of original Bauer designs, in many original and new colors. Shop Now.

Zoe and Lev, named after her first daughter Zoe, takes a refined and fashion-forward approach to design. She spent her childhood visiting her grandma in New York and Miami, and was often found sorting through her collection of estate and costume jewelry. She was especially taken by the stories behind each piece and drawn to the beauty of the stones. Although her love of jewelry was put on hold for a career as a fit model in LA, she soon returned to the industry to work with one of the largest pearl houses in the US. Her personal and professional experiences sparked a longstanding fascination of jewelry and meticulous details. Shop Now.