Textile Collection Spring Edition


Today we want to share a couple of simple ways to choose and arrange your throws/accent pillows. Yes, we are all about addressing the hard-hitting issues of life here on the Stilo Blog. But seriously, who doesn’t like a little pillow talk? The simplest way to invigorate any space is by adding new color and texture. Groups of pillows on a bed or sofa look best when they have a layered look which you get from using different pillow sizes. There’s no right or wrong way to make your pillow arrangements but we’ll share what works well for us.

Our Pillow Formula

For a sofa, we usually use two 22″ pillows on the ends with two 18” or 20″ pillows in front of them and to finish it off, we incorporate either a lumbar accent pillow or any other unique form that breaks away from a more square or rectangular shape.

pillow dims.JPG

The Asymmetrical Look

Take a bold step and go asymmetrical with your pillow arrangement. Break up paired sets and make every pillow different, varying the patterns, sizes, and shapes. You can also do sperate groupings of 2 pillows and a throw adjacent to a 4-pillow grouping. Even though the final result is eclectic, still look for ways to unify your ensemble, such as a shared color scheme.


Color Palette Matters

When a pillow ensemble lacks cohesion, often times the culprit is poor color flow. To solve the issue, look for pillows that are united by a key color. Above we have a grouping of 4 organically textured pillows. They all share a wheaty, soothing neutral color that makes you feel right at home. The black and grey details provide contrast and anchor the neutral colors. We have a pop of salmon pink to add brightness to the arrangement and adding a completely different texture such as leather brings yet another element of interest to the mix.

Last but not least, color has a major effect on our mood and behavior. Try and use cooler temperature color tones in areas where you want to unwind and go with a warmer, brighter color scheme in areas where you wish to be productive or entertain.

Now that you are officially a pillow/throw expert, click on the images below to shop directly for some of our favorite finds.