Love Lost Miami


In February, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Love Lost Miami to design their exhibit! Love Lost is annual exhibit hoping to shine a spotlight on the stories of loss that live in our own backyard. In it, you will encounter ordinary objects that come alive as deeply personal artifacts through their accompanying stories.

To us, Love Lost Miami is a place for the community to share grief, humor, nostalgia, and harrowing memories. This annual event is an opportunity to accept, honor, and heal lost love. While it is pain that has brought all of these meaningful objects into one room, it is connection, community, and a step into the light that grants both those that submitted their work and viewers alike a feeling of belonging. In composing this exhibit, we wanted to create micro experiences, bring you physically into each story, stimulate your senses, and express that we, as Miami, are connected in the most real, raw and emotional way.

Below are some images of the event and artifacts showcased. 

Just as stories are best told in a linear, often chronological manner, we ran a red line through the space to act as a guide through the exhibit. The single, uninterrupted red line touched each piece to remind us that we are all connected, and while the stories are different from one another, pain is pain and we are never alone.

Upon entry we set the tone of the space with white sheers suspended from the ceiling in a circular form. The softness and translucency of the sheers was meant to put visitors at ease while peaking their curiosity. We laid out the exhibit in such a way that guests would have two unique experiences. The outer perimeter displayed items in a variety of settings while the inner core took a uniform look for impact. Perimeter settings were designed to be interacted with, bring you in close and physically put you in a moment in the story. While the sheer lined core was designed to communicate a "shining light" on pain felt in hopes to help the healing process from within. 

Below are some images of our process in action.

Special thanks to Melaine Saco for her wall calligraphy, The Biscayne Poet for his wonderful impromptu poetry, Canvas Miami for the location and the lovely ladies of Love Lost for letting us be a part of this event!