Known for its advanced use of plastics and dynamic color palettes, Kartell is a world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of design furnishings for home, office, and hospitality. You have probably seen some of their iconic pieces such as the Louis Ghost chair which is a comfortable armchair in transparent and colored polycarbonate inspired by the original Louis XV style chair. Or maybe you are a fan of the Bourgie lamp, one of Kartell’s best sellers. The design skillfully combines classic style, richness and tradition with innovation and irony. (It is one of our favorites too)

As fans of this iconic brand we were over moon when their Miami Showroom invited us to style a tablescape for their Art Basel event. To showcase the Jellies Family designed by Patricia Urquiola we took a nontraditional approach and composed the table in a whimsical arrangement that was more art than table setting. Each piece in this collection has its own personality and depth. Variables like light and what a piece is paired with can completely change how you see it. We had such a good time playing with light, shadows and reflections to highlight the intricate designs. We hope you enjoy!