Can one be both trendy and timeless in decor? Is that even possible? While trends come and go and timelessness lasts forever, the two can certainly be merged together to form something quite beautiful. In order to combat making large investments for something that will soon go out of style, here are some easy modifications you can make to your home to indulge in the latest trends.

Color of the Year

Twenty eighteen’s color of the year is Pantone Ultra Violet 18-3838! This blue-based purple is described as inventive and imaginative. It invites exploration, artistic expression, and spiritual reflection.

With that said, painting your entire living room Ultra Violet may not be the best idea. Although it is THE color that everyone is talking about this year, next year we will have another color in hot demand. So we say take it easy, start out slowly. If you absolutely adore the color we recommend adding it to your décor in flexible ways. For example; throw blankets, pillows for your favorite reading chair/chaise. Or incorporate accessories such as lamps, vases, and bookends that have shades of purple. This way should you tire of the color, your accessories can be swapped out.


Mixed Metallics

Mix things up, BE FEARLESS. Designers are mixing metallic elements and are paying more and more attention to sheen and texture. Think shiny brass mixed with matte black steel, or a honed counter top with matte tile back splash. You can create a dynamic space by incorporating metallic textiles, artwork, picture frames, and even some wallpaper in a small area. Choose a metal you love to be the most prominent in your space, then select one or two metal accents to complete the look. The dominant metal gives the room a sense of unity, and then the accent metals guide the eye throughout the space. Note: Iron is the neutral of the metallic world, it pairs harmoniously with any finish and grounds other metals.

Below you find a few of our favorite metallic decor items right now!


Wall Art

Bare walls are officially on their way out. Collect your favorite family photos, artwork, and prints and use the walls as your personal canvas. You can artfully arrange a beautiful gallery wall and allow your personal style to show. Your home is the best representation of who you are, what you like, and how you live. 

gallery wall

Earthy Pastels

This year will bring more soft pastels, gentle colors that appear in nature, and oak-hued wood finishes. We’re long overdue for the return of color in décor. These pastels aren’t pure but rather have been muddied with earthier tones in the mixing process. Check out Benjamin Moore’s Silver Marlin, Farrow, Ball’s Cinder Rose and Cooking Apple Green. We’ll see mint greens mixed in with jades, sages and other combinations working off some mustard tones. To apply this trend, paint an old piece of furniture in this color spectrum, or perhaps paint your office or powder room to give a fresh and airy start to the year. With brighter colors, at least initially, less is more. If you find that the brighter route is what works for you, your home, personality and lifestyle, then by all means color your world!



White will always be a classic color for kitchens but its increased popularity means there’s going to be some all-white-kitchen fatigue as homeowners look for ways to personalize their space. So while white kitchens aren’t even close to going away, expect to see a rise in color use this year. Apart from color we are going to see warm wood tones being used in place of painted cabinets, leading us to sophisticated, rich finish palettes.