Peloro Penthouse

Hi Everyone! We are excited to share with you our latest project! Peloro is a brand-new luxury condominium building situated above Miami Beaches’ inter coastal tides. This airy waterfront residence embodies the independent style of beach house living, with the convenience of a modern condominium community. The inspiring collection of only 113 residences rests directly on the edge of Biscayne Bay and rises seven stories for panoramic views of the city, South Beach, Bal Harbour, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Peloro Master_Stilo_Home Staging

Recently, we had the opportunity to work on one of Peloro’s impressive designer ready penthouse suites. Designer ready units come with a variety of challenges for property stagers often in the form of unfinished flooring, low end light fixtures, a lack of basic bathroom essentials such as mirrors and wall sconces, as well as absent mill work in the closets. While this provides the buyer with the luxury of being able to customize their home to their liking, it makes imagining the space as a finished product difficult. This challenge can deter a buyer from wanting to place an offer or even schedule a showing.

Our stylistic approach for this unit was a balance of luxury, eclecticism and travel inspired design. By incorporating unlikely combinations of accessories and furniture from different time periods, we were able to achieve a warm, cohesive feel. Since the unit was very much industrialized and overall unfinished, our first instinct was to establish warmth starting from the floor up. We decided to use an assortment of intricate area rugs to bring life and color into the unit. The rugs were also used to divide space in this open concept layout while adding a sense of dimension. From a design perspective, it was imperative that the area rugs complemented each other while avoiding a “matchy” over styled look. Our solution was to use similarly patterned rugs that were all equally saturated but completely different in color.

Peloro’s architectural structure is dynamic, with a mix of curved and geometric angles in the surrounding rooms. This unusual combination can be just as visually appealing as it is challenging, forcing us to rethink the way we would traditionally furnish a room. The guest and master bedrooms had multiple walls intersecting at ninety degree angles, meaning placing items with straight edges and symmetry would make the rooms look awkward and in turn, uninviting. To remedy this in the master and guest bedrooms, we added asymmetrical lighting, introduced organic pieces, as well as mirrors and statements pieces used to capture the eye.   

 Though Peloro’s architectural nature prompted an unconventional interpretation of space, the end result was a unique design on par with the building's unique style!