It’s 2019 and this means new beginnings, new influences, and new trends. Not only will we dive into global trends, we will also talk about how trends will come into play and develop locally here in Miami. While many of the styles we see will continue to be popular in 2019, others are officially over. Whether you are renovating or buying a workspace, retail space or hospitality space, here are a few essential tips and trends to get you going in the right direction.

Instinctual Design

For the past couple of years, we have seen staple trends such as cool grey walls with dark stained wooden floors or all-white, hyper modernistic design that seems to be taking over every home, lobby, and professional workplace in Miami. These widely spread trends will still have a place in certain interior spaces, but people are now exploring a more out-of-the-box approach to design. We are now beginning to see a diverse and colorful side in 2019. People want their environments to be a reflection of who they are, opposed to having an interior that looks as if it was pulled straight out of a catalog. There are many things that influence trends, but we believe that one of the principal drivers for instinctual design is people’s reaction to the current political climate. Individuals are gaining a sense of confidence in their own voice and we are seeing that take form in many ways especially in design.

Whimsical Style

To the same point, due to all the challenges happening even on a global level, art and design has become a medium in which people can spread optimism and hope for the future. Happiness never goes out of style and people want to be surrounded by things that make them happy. We are shifting further away from stuffy, intimidating interiors and leaning more towards spaces where you can let loose and be more yourself. Candy artist Robyn Blair Davidson is one of our favorite designers who personifies whimsical design. Her pieces literally sweeten up any space with her bright fonts, textures, colors, and last but not least CANDY! What’s there not to love about that?

Street Art Inspired Design

We are seeing street style EVERYWHERE. Over the past ten years, Miami has had a massive increase of development leading to the gentrification of many underdeveloped areas.  What used to be a “not so friendly” area of Overtown/Midtown is now a creative hub and home to many local and international artists. Miami’s unique up and coming personality has heavily influenced artists. Creating a rich, vivacious and daring artistic scene. For example, we see the blending of graffiti with something more feminine and traditional, which makes it all the more exciting and is easy to incorporate into many different design styles. Street style is direct representation of our current narrative serving as a nod to the past and a step into the future. It keeps us connected to our rich history while giving us the opportunity to put in our own creative mark.

Flex Spaces

Let’s face it, as much as we love to call Miami home, it’s safe to say that the cost of living comes at a hefty price. To compensate for the rise in cost per sq. ft. people are gravitating towards smaller, more affordable, urban city-like dwellings. As designers, we are now faced with the challenge of smaller, open concept spaces where we need to be creative and utilize multipurpose furnishings. Furniture is now becoming slightly smaller in scale but adaptable to different spaces and needs while maintaining a stylish aesthetic. We are seeing a lot of features such as modern approaches to Murphy beds to movable walls and multipurpose built-ins. Design is slowly shifting towards creative innovation and efficiency. It is exciting and very interesting to see design that sparks a conversation and makes the best of even the smallest spaces.

Sustainable Design

Not only in 2019 but from here on out, designers and consumers should always go green. With Miami’s increasing sea level rise crisis and our planet’s environment suffering major crisis after major crisis, it is imperative to explore new ways to produce materials that are easy on the eyes while leaving no impact on our planet and it’s resources. Thanks to advanced technology and research, there are so many eco-friendly alternatives  we can utilize to achieve the same beautiful results we desire. Alternatives such as hemp-based products replacing concrete, left over materials like marble being recomposed in smart ways, energy saving appliances, and fully solar powered homes and building are some ways we can better our planet. The possibilities are endless and there are so many ways we can take less and give back more to our environment.

Color of the year - Live Coral

Living Coral was announced as the Color of the Year 2019. With Miami’s coastal lifestyle, this fun bright hue can be used in many ways. This color is vibrant, refreshing, optimistic, and pretty much embodies what Miami is all about. You can infuse living coral into a space with accessories, wall art, textiles, wall coverings even furniture pieces serving as a fun accent piece.

At-Home Resort Amenities

If you want to experience year-round warm weather, beautiful beaches, and all the finest ocean front luxuries you can possibly ask for, look no further and treat yourself to a beach getaway in Miami. Visitors and locals love the beach life so much that we see more and more clients requesting luxury hotel amenities in their very own backyards. People are now asking for their backyards to feel like the One Hotel’s nature inspired ambiance, or Soho House’s art deco beach vibes to name a few. They want amenities such as over sized cabanas, outdoor theaters, poolside televisions, and pizza ovens from Italy. Greenery such as synthetic sod which is prevalently used on hotel pool decks are now being used in home landscaping because it always looks perfect and doesn’t require water or chemicals to keep it healthy. It’s a great concept and who says you can’t enjoy the finer things in life in the privacy of your own home.

Color Blocking

Color blocking has been found time and time again in design and its officially back. The good news is, all you need to achieve this look is a few paint colors, and some painters tape. We have especially been seeing a lot of color combinations in the Neo- Memphis style. Neo- Memphis style started in the 1980’s and was basically a design movement that was influences by Art Deco’s appreciation of striking geometric figures and pop art’s evident use of bold color palettes. This is a fun and simple way to fully transform a dull area into something captivating and will get you inspired to bust out your paint brush and rethink the way you paint a space.

Curved Furnishings

Curves are back and hopefully here to stay. In the 1960’s the use of curved, organic forms was very popular but soon overshadowed by modern linear designs that came into play in the 70’s and 80’s. Since then, it feels that rigid lines have taken over for the past several decades and I think we are finally ready for a change. Curved shaped lines adds a subtle sense of sensuality and eclecticism that breaks away from an overly structured interior. When styled correctly, this look is very unassuming and saves it from being an of-the-moment fad soon to fade away. In 2019 , you can expect to see curved lines and shapes on tabletops, rugs, sofas, and other seating alternatives.

Color Saturation

Grey tones for the most part have been the go-to neutral color spectrum and we are beginning to see a little bit less of that.  Although it is a great color because if feels open, airy, and soothing, people are starting to gravitate towards bolder colors to pull different emotions and create more diverse ambiances. Color heavily impacts our mood and end users are becoming more aware of that so if the function of the space is meant to be energized, color selection will be dictated by the functionality of space versus what may just look visually appealing. Another great example is using color mono-chromatically. Deep rich rooms in the same color spectrum creates a lot of natural light and luminescent hues.

We hope you enjoyed learning about some of our favorite trends and hopefully you can apply some these design elements in your own space!

10 Reasons Why Your Next Project Will Be Better With Stilo

1.   You’re going to save money – Have you ever bought a piece of furniture that looked amazing in the store, but then realized it was a too big once you got it into your space? Ever painted three or four times trying to find the right color? Hiring a designer can help you avoid those costly mistakes and guide you in decisions that give you results you want. If you’re on a tight budget, that’s totally okay! We know how to get the best value out of what you can spend. We are accustomed to working on a line item budget and will help you save and splurge in the right places.  


2.   It’s all about you! -  We cringe when we hear about the stereotypical “Diva” designers out there who want to design for themselves while ignoring functionality and the needs/wants of the client. That is a big NO GO for us. You are at the forefront of every decision we make for your project; it is a collaboration. Our approach to design is comprehensive and multifaceted. We want to know about you, what you do, how you work, your lifestyle, what your likes and dislikes are, what your brand is about, what your goals are , what you want to experience when you walk into your space, what you want your guests to experience when they visit, what the function of the space is, what your budget is – (You get the gist, we can go on all day)


3.   Access to exclusive brands - Life is too short to be basic and if you are going through the process of hiring an interior designer, you can expect access to the unknown (dun-dun). We have access to furniture companies that do not sell to the public. This opens a new world of exclusive and unique pieces. Did we mention that you get it for below retail price? With our resources we can create a space for you that looks collected and feels special (instead of the big box retailer stuff).


4.   One stop shop – Managing all the components of a design and/or renovation can be very stressful in addition to your daily responsibilities. At Stilo, we handle everything from beginning to end. We create and develop your design concept, source products that are in line with the design concept, handle purchasing/manage deliveries and oversee every installation done by our trusted crew of professionals.


5.  Space planning geniuses - We understand the art and science behind a proper space plan. You need adequate clearances to meet code along with circulation space to make you feel comfortable and unrestricted. We also have the ability to use creative techniques to maximize your existing space. Whether you need to fit 20 people in an office space that once only held 15 employees or maybe you need to make your tiny boutique hotel lobby feel grand and luxurious, we have you covered.


6.  It’s all about the feels – Interior spaces have the power to make you feel and act a certain way. Think about how different you feel and act in a library versus your favorite restaurant. Someone intentionally made design decisions to influence the way you behave in these settings. It’s our job to achieve the feeling/function you want/need. We do that by selecting textures, finishes, lighting, textiles, and furniture that are in line with the use of the space. We have a vast knowledge of different design genres and stylistic elements which enable us to achieve the feeling you wish to feel. Design is all about the feeling it gives you when you walk into a room but it is our job to select specific pieces to make your ideas of a feeling a reality. If you want it to feel like you walked into a room where 50 shades of grey met Eat Pray Love – How do you envision a sofa that gives you that feeling and where do you even buy it? Challenging right? That’s why you have us.

7.   We know our stuff- Our team has experience in workspace, hospitality, and residential design. We live in a tactile and visual world where ideas sell more effectively by seeing a finished product with your own eyes.  We bring your projects to life with architectural programs such as Revit, Auto Cad, V-Ray, Photoshop, and SketchUp to provide you with high quality renderings/construction documents. This ensures you’ll never have to worry about the end result. You can ask for test renders for your final product and even request changes if it does not suit your vision.


8.   We teach you what NOT to do - Not only will we help you decide on what to buy we will also tell you what not to buy – As designers, it is our responsibility incorporate elements of design, varied styles and use your influences to create a collected look that reflects your brand/culture.  Ideally, you want a space to “coordinate” but not “match.” Interiors that coordinate have varied textures, prints, materials, and tones that work together and communicate balance and cohesion. Design is a process that continuously evolves into a finished product opposed to buying everything on the showroom floor in a day.  


9.    Super Powers - Yes, that’s right! Designers have this super power where magical ideas pop into their minds when collaborating with clients on how to bring their interior to the next level. You may not realize it, but branding and interior design go hand in hand.  In order to create a clear and memorable impression, you need a unique identity and what better way to show that than through design for all eyes to see.  How do you want the world to perceive your company and what elements do you want to incorporate in the design that follow that ideal? In addition to selecting furniture, finishes, wall coverings, lighting (everything you typically think of when you think of interior design) we also go a step further and help you select the right marketing tools, for example, client interactive experiences, music, signage, and smell  to follow your brand identity. This is what sets you apart from everyone else and ultimately makes your company thrive.

10.    Let’s have fun - All biases aside we are pretty darn fun to work with! We truly love what we do and we like to think you can witness that in our work. The most important thing for us is that we provide a design that you love, of the best quality, realistic for your lifestyle and budget while creating an atmosphere in which you thrive. Let’s bring your vision to life, together!


***Perk Alert! *** - Your designers come with coffee (mic drop).

We wouldn’t be authentic Miamians if Cuban coffee didn’t play a large role in our overhead expenses. Our clients are typically just as busy as we are so coladas are must, always.


Dissecting the Perfect Workspace

In the spirit of #ThrowbackThursday we wanted to share a past blog post featuring a collaboration with partner Michelle Setty and Racked Miami. We spend majority of our day at work, so why not give it the undivided attention it deserves and make your daily work experience a great one? Check out the Racked article below written by Alejandra Torres and photographed by Luccia Lowenthal.

Albert Einstein once asked, "If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?" We all know your office space can be a tricky thing to master. Even ol' clever Albert pondered the question.

Should you use your notes app for reminders, or keep it old-fashioned and opt for a pen and notebook combo? How about leaving your accessories out on display?

With the help of Michelle Setty, designer extraordinaire and Florida-based interior designer, we came up with a handy guide to create a stylish and productive workspace, a space that even the father of relativity would approve of.

Desk Essentials


Aside from paper essentials, desk accessories add a personal touch to your space and make your work less drab, more fab. Some of these can definitely be hidden away in a drawer to save desk space, but if styled the right way, your tape dispensary, scissors, and stapler can look like abstract pieces of art. Poppin is a modern office furniture site where colorful desk tools are taken to the highest level.


Toss the old black stapler. This colorful collection will keep the office culprits in check. Don't worry about stamping your name on your stapler either. Everyone knows that highlight green ensemble is yours and yours only.

Tech Essentials


Do you ever feel like there are too many cords in your life and somehow you can never find the one you need? Aux cables, phone chargers, computer cords...When does this string of madness stop?! Answer: When you add a cord catch to your desk. Chargers are an obvious must at work and with this item, you can anchor all your needed battery lives in one spot. You'll have the inevitable makings of a cluttered desk, but can instead enjoy a clean, cordless look for your workspace.

While you're at it, get yourself a weighted knot charger. These are simultaneously stylish and functional. See that bundle at the end of the charger? That serves to hold your cord in place. Genius. Plus, these cords are extra long, so say goodbye to the days of dropped cables and the no texting while charging dilemma.


Easy access to your cables and power decreases set up time in the AM and the PM. By removing these little nuisances, you'll stay on task much easier.

Paper Essentials


We get it. We're the app generation. Everything we do is digital, paper-free, and, if the wifi is good, done in less than two seconds. Still, your work area should include a couple of those ancient bits. When your eyes are straining, it's good to have your favorite pen and highlighter on deck to jot down notes. And stickies. Stickies will always be a must for mental notes. They're the OG of reminders.

Naturally, this section will be a little more cluttered, a little more tousled, and will show that there's a human working behind this desk, as paper clips, notes, and an assortment of your favorite writing tools are dead giveaways. But if you score some stationary from The Scarlet Letter, this section of your desk can be a beautiful mess.


Notebooks are great for to-do lists. To make your day easier, split your notebook in half. Use the front half for note-taking and the back half strictly for tasks. Also, wrap up your workday ten minutes early to prep for the following day. By jotting down the top five tasks you want to accomplish the next day, you'll know that you've finished your work for the day. So don't take your work home with you and enjoy that glass of vino stress free.



Business card holders, a cup of joe, and your work chair are the last three things to round out your perfect workspace. Replace that boring holder for a fun, patterned plate. It's not the conventional way to store your cards, but adding this personal fashion item makes your space look and feel like home. Another homely item to decorate your desk with is a mug. Everyone needs a morning, afternoon, and evening pick-me-up, so make it a cute one. This mug is here to stay.

Finally, the most important part of your desk is you. Where you sit and work needs to be as comfortable as your mattress. After all, you spend the same amount of time, if not more, on this chair as you do on your bed. Constantly adjusting yourself decreases your focus, which decreases your productivity. Plus, a bad chair equals bad body aches. Make your seat a good one, and you'll be on your way to CEO status, not a masseuse.


The items on the surface of your desk should foster the work you are doing, so if something isn't being used on the daily, put it in a drawer. Less is more and more is less. Take a seat. You're now desk-ready and all set to take on the workday.

Love Lost Miami


In February, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Love Lost Miami to design their exhibit! Love Lost is annual exhibit hoping to shine a spotlight on the stories of loss that live in our own backyard. In it, you will encounter ordinary objects that come alive as deeply personal artifacts through their accompanying stories.

To us, Love Lost Miami is a place for the community to share grief, humor, nostalgia, and harrowing memories. This annual event is an opportunity to accept, honor, and heal lost love. While it is pain that has brought all of these meaningful objects into one room, it is connection, community, and a step into the light that grants both those that submitted their work and viewers alike a feeling of belonging. In composing this exhibit, we wanted to create micro experiences, bring you physically into each story, stimulate your senses, and express that we, as Miami, are connected in the most real, raw and emotional way.

Below are some images of the event and artifacts showcased. 

Just as stories are best told in a linear, often chronological manner, we ran a red line through the space to act as a guide through the exhibit. The single, uninterrupted red line touched each piece to remind us that we are all connected, and while the stories are different from one another, pain is pain and we are never alone.

Upon entry we set the tone of the space with white sheers suspended from the ceiling in a circular form. The softness and translucency of the sheers was meant to put visitors at ease while peaking their curiosity. We laid out the exhibit in such a way that guests would have two unique experiences. The outer perimeter displayed items in a variety of settings while the inner core took a uniform look for impact. Perimeter settings were designed to be interacted with, bring you in close and physically put you in a moment in the story. While the sheer lined core was designed to communicate a "shining light" on pain felt in hopes to help the healing process from within. 

Below are some images of our process in action.

Special thanks to Melaine Saco for her wall calligraphy, The Biscayne Poet for his wonderful impromptu poetry, Canvas Miami for the location and the lovely ladies of Love Lost for letting us be a part of this event!

Designer Dining for Valentine's Day

Whether you’re a lover or a fighter, February 14 can be a fairly stressful day. You've got to come up with the perfect gift, the perfect location, and the perfect plan. Don't stress: we've got Valentine's Day ideas in Miami to make sure your day goes off without a hitch. Each restaurant is designed by world-renowned Architects/Interior Designers that we love, so not only will the food be delicious, you and your date will also enjoy some serious eye candy. Now you can focus on being the smooth, romantic, love bird that you are and don't worry, you can thank us later!

Bazaar Mar

Design by Philippe Starck

Design school dropout Philippe Starck began his career by designing two Paris nightclubs in the 70s. The clubs captured the attention of then-President François Mitterrand, who asked Starck to refurbish one of the private apartments in the Élysée Palace. From there he was quickly on his way to becoming a design celebrity.  

His inexhaustible creativity can be seen in his furniture designs, as well as at luxury hotels and restaurants around the world. Here in Miami, he’s designed the Delano Hotel, as well as the SLS Brickell and SLS South Beach. All three would serve as a stunning backdrop to an unforgettable evening or weekend getaway, but it’s the daring and uniquely crafted interior at Bazaar Mar in the SLS Brickell that really sparks our imaginations.  

The imaginative menu fits flawlessly into Starck’s space, which creates the perfect backdrop for the chef’s tendency towards dramatic and fanciful presentations. The whole experience is a whimsical nautical fantasy, complete with fairy-tale sea creatures, exaggerated artwork, and a distinctive white and blue color palette.  

The 7,200-square-foot space is composed of two dining rooms and a raw bar, all decorated with more than 6,000 hand-painted Spanish tiles. The tiles feature the drawings of artist Sergio Mora, and are painted in a style reminiscent of 16th-century Dutch pottery. Portraits of people involved in the project, including Chef Andrés, appear throughout the surreal scenes, along with sea creatures both real and mythical. The furnishings include marble tables, upholstered love seats, and wooden chairs, interspersed with pops of color from the decorative elements, creating a captivating atmosphere that’s both beautiful and bizarre - in the best possible way. In keeping with Starck’s penchant for contradiction, the bright white and blue dining room contrasts with a separate cocktail bar, finished with the same design motifs but in a more mysterious palette of black and gold.  

Starck’s designs create experiences that transport us from the ordinary and into his dreamlike world. There’s never a dull moment, and his unexpected approach never fails to surprise and delight.   

Amara at Paraiso

Design by Meyer Davis Studio

The 4,500-square-foot, indoor-outdoor space designed by Meyer Davis Studio features floor to ceiling windows with stunning views of Biscayne Bay, deck seating on the water, graphic concrete tiles, white washed paneling, natural woods, exposed trusses, and banana leaf wallpaper. The design celebrates the natural beauty of its surroundings, creating a warm and inviting space that's open and relaxed, but still feels special enough for a night out.


Interiors by Studio Munge

Byblos is open and airy, fresh and glamorous. The design allows you to experience the warmth of the Mediterranean combined with a modernized Art Deco setting. The space feels eclectic and residential, but there's enough drama in the double-height, accordion-style wall hangings, and custom light fixtures to keep it from being too "homey". Chairs and banquets alternate between soft velvets and patterned fabrics in mostly blues and yellows.The palette also features a lot of white with gold accents, parquet flooring, and large terra cotta pots throughout the main dining area. It's an oasis that'll make you feel transported and refreshed.


Interiors by Alejandro Barrios-Carrero

Dinner in a parking garage sounds kind of terrible, unless that parking garage is 1111 Lincoln Road - designed by internationally acclaimed architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron. Juvia, located on the penthouse level, is an indoor/outdoor space offering unsurprisingly beautiful views of the Miami skyline. It features an innovated rectractable roof, 22 foot tall plant wall, floor-to-ceiling windows, and furniture from notable designers such as Patricia Urquiola. The concept for the space is meant to create a welcoming contrast between the massive concrete structure and the more subtle and natural oasis above. The design is so significant that designer Alejandro Barrios-Carrero even won a James Beard Award for Outstanding Restaurant Design. 

The Tides South Beach

Interiors by Kelly Wearstler

“Love color. Take risks. Stay curious.”

It's not necessarily any one restaurant in particular, but a list of well-designed Miami spots would be incomplete without mentioning the Tides by the iconic Kelly Wearstler.  The Tides itself is a historically significant example of Art Deco style, built in 1936, but it became even more notable after a full redesign by Wearstler, including all of the guest rooms, common areas, pool terrace, restaurant, and bar. The interiors are lush, but the mostly monochromatic palette keeps it soothing. The inspiration comes from the colors, textures, and materials that recall the ocean - sandy hues, petrified wood, and coral, for example. The dramatic exception is the lobby's Coral Bar. It features fiery colors, a gold leaf mural of sea creatures, shagreen-topped bar, brilliant red upholstery, and opulent decor. It looks like a Wes Anderson movie, and the atmosphere is inspired by the look and feel of old luxury liners. Unfortunately the hotel closed right now for repairs after sustaining some hurricane damage, but it's definitely a place to keep in mind.


Known for its advanced use of plastics and dynamic color palettes, Kartell is a world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of design furnishings for home, office, and hospitality. You have probably seen some of their iconic pieces such as the Louis Ghost chair which is a comfortable armchair in transparent and colored polycarbonate inspired by the original Louis XV style chair. Or maybe you are a fan of the Bourgie lamp, one of Kartell’s best sellers. The design skillfully combines classic style, richness and tradition with innovation and irony. (It is one of our favorites too)

As fans of this iconic brand we were over moon when their Miami Showroom invited us to style a tablescape for their Art Basel event. To showcase the Jellies Family designed by Patricia Urquiola we took a nontraditional approach and composed the table in a whimsical arrangement that was more art than table setting. Each piece in this collection has its own personality and depth. Variables like light and what a piece is paired with can completely change how you see it. We had such a good time playing with light, shadows and reflections to highlight the intricate designs. We hope you enjoy!

Thanksgiving Tablescape

It's an indisputable truth: A beautiful presentation gives everything a little extra flavor, and your Thanksgiving dinner is no exception. We wanted to inspire you to go all out this holiday with an epic tablescape that’s inviting, simple and so much fun to put together! You want your tablescape to set the mood for dinner, start conversations, and be a gorgeous background for all those pictures of your delicious food  .

Having a beautiful table setting doesn't mean you have to plan far in advance and break the bank. We were able to pull this look off in a day of shopping at retail stores like West Elm, Crate & Barrel & Anthropologie. ::Drumroll:: Here is our take on an informal, yet sophisticated, dining experience where you and your guests can let loose and have a great time! 

Design Breakdown:

Jewel Tones & Metallics: So Fall! They communicate sophistication. We did a combination of purple and green plates to keep things fun & interesting.

Neutral Napkins: The plates had so much character and color so we let the napkins be the backdrop and remind us what Thanksgiving is all about.

Glassware: How sexy are those wine glasses, “more wine please”.

Charger Plates: The mirrored decorative base setting for which other dinnerware is placed on top adds some extra glitz.

Centerpiece: The dynamic focal point, we incorporated three different accessories all varying in size to keep it simple and added some beautiful purple alliums as the finishing touch. Tip: Always add some seasonal flowers or garland to get that wow factor.

Ultimately, Thanksgiving is about breaking bread with the people you love, so why not make it a memorable and beautiful experience? Loved our tablescape? Click on the images below and make this look yours. Mix it up, and have fun with it! 

Water Cups


Glass Plate



Glass Vase


Napkins (set of 4)




Candle Holder



Small Plates


Placecard Holders $29.00

Mirror Chargers





Wine Goblet




Our Launch Party!

World Red Eye - Stilo is Miami’s newest luxury home staging and interior design firm. In celebration of their official launch at Peloro luxury condominiums, guests enjoyed live art, tunes by resident DJ Thizz, roof top views, champagne and hors d'oeuvres. Local and international realtors/developers had the chance to view one of Stilo’s fully staged penthouse suites overseeing the inter-coastal. The Peloro Penthouse is a prime example of Stilo’s exceptional work. Stilo collaborated with Cervera Real Estate’s Sandra Stendel to bring this designer ready unit to life.